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华文 | Bahasa Indonesia

Howdy! First of all, welcome to AJJ’s Trading Journal – My Live! Trading Journal. I’m your host, my name is AJJ.

In this diary you will find all record for my trades, views, strategies and of course, me. I will be sharing my trading journey here and I hope you will find my blog useful for your trading journey, be it you are just embarking on your trading journey or you are an experienced trader. Please feel free to email me with regards to my blog or if you have anything in mind, which you feel so strongly that you need to share via my blog, I welcome every single one of you to contact me!

I will posting my live trades as soon as I have executed it. Follow my blog to receive email updates on my posts!

In additional, I will be posting live trade signals from reputable traders as well. Their signals required subscription and I am giving it for free here! As such, I will not reveal the identity of the trader.

Last but not least, I wish all good luck in your trading journey!

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