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We strive to maintain this website free to anyone who is interested or benefited from the trade signals provided. 

We want to help traders make money from Forex. Often, new traders, even some experienced traders, have problems finding their own style of trading and could not make money from the harsh market. We want to help traders to be profitable whilst finding their own profitable trading style. This is our aim.

The trade signals provided in this website are from reputable traders who have either established themselves in forums or professional signal providers. We aim to increase our signals pool so that you can have more choices. However, all these do not come free to us.

We seek your assistance to help us achieve these. Open an account with the following companies and use us as your referrer and let us earn the referral fees. Your spreads and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. There will not be any additional costs or fees incurred if you use us as your referrer. 

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